PHD Renovation – We’re Committed to Serve You

At Perfect Home Design (PHD) Renovation, we believe that any job undertaken, whether big or small, should be professionally performed with adherence to high levels of work ethics, 100% concentrated efforts and a burning commitment to work with passion. When you work with us, you will find these values instilled in each and every member of our team, right from your project head to every skilled artisan.

PHD Renovation. Who Are We?

PHD Renovation provides both big and small construction services to cater to a client’s residential or commercial needs. We undertake services such as designing your home, building homes from scratch, home remodeling and renovations, constructing commercial spaces and conducting household and commercial repairs and maintenance. We also provide exterior construction services to design your front and back yards to create the perfect setting for an even beautiful home.

It is our passion at PHD Renovation to create pleasant living environments.Your homes and your commercial spaces are simply a reflection of your personality and by striving to build a healthy professional relationship with you; we concentrate our special efforts to present your space to you as a staggering reflection of yourself. We started this business in 2007 as Gemini Construction Group (GCG). In 2018 GCG has been re-branded to Perfect Home Design Renovation.

The Professional Minds & Hands Behind PHD Renovation

We are a close knit team of eight members here at PHD Renovation. We have worked together for the past ten years and have achieved great success in our business. Our combined efforts have won over many clients who have referred us to several others over the years. Each member of our team has something valuable to contribute to every project we undertake and therefore, to the company.

The skilled professionals we hire are based on the various requirements. Our crew is reliable, professional, skilled and highly qualified to meet the demands of every project, no matter how challenging.

The end result of our combined efforts is quite a pleasant sight. Not only do we ensure that the highest levels of quality are maintained, but we also complete every project within a stipulated time frame at reasonable prices.

PHD Renovation Policy

The belief that every client is valuable priority and our client’s every need is of utmost importance runs through every member of PHD Renovation. Therefore, every member of our professional team is committed to meet those needs by valuing our client’s inputs, recommendations and our client himself/herself.

It is this high level of customer satisfaction we offer that lures every client back to us wherever they have a residential or commercial construction need. The favourable image we have created in the minds of our clients with our efforts and high level of customer satisfaction has led them to refer their family and friends to us. This has resulted in a positive level of business growth for our company.

We welcome you to PHD Renovation and we hope your give our competent services a try. We promise to earn your trust with our high standards of service and surpass your expectations with a job well done.

The best service in the industry awaits your esteemed presence!

Interior Renovation & Landscaping At Its Best

PHD Renovation has provided a comprehensive range of construction services such as interior renovations and landscaping for the last ten years. We have made a name for ourselves in the construction services industry by winning over our clients with professional and high quality work, all at a fair price.

At PHD Renovation, we believe that any project undertaken, whether big or small, deserves our wholehearted time, attention and commitment. Therefore, we put client interaction on a pedestal, to learn exactly what you are expecting from us and we concentrate all our efforts to surpass those expectations.

Our Professional Construction Services

Whenever you are in need of a construction related task, you can rely on PHD Renovation. We undertake both residential and commercial construction services. In all our dealings with our clients and all the construction services we provide them with, we ensure that only the highest standards of professionalism are adhered to.

We invite you to explore the area of work covered by our company so that you can be rest assured that all your construction jobs are in the safest hands.

Interior Renovation Services by PHD Renovation

 When you hire PHD Renovation for interior renovation services, we help you maximize style at minimum costs. Whether you want to upgrade your living space or your commercial store, we have the most creative ideas to craft your imagination into reality. We understand how important it is for any space to look beautiful and offer maximum functionality at the same time and Gemini Construction Group knows how to achieve this with perfection.

Our interior renovation services include home remodeling, room additions, bathroom, basement and kitchen remodeling, flooring and tiling repairs and services, hardwood installations and lamination, painting and other such services to beautify your commercial and residential spaces.

 Landscaping Services by PHD Renovation

 A beautiful front yard is a warm welcome to an even gracious home. Beautify your front and back yard, your garden, flowerbeds and landscapes by availing of our landscaping services at PHD Renovation.

We transform your open spaces and shape them as per your vision, dreams and personality. We undertake services such as backyard and front yard construction and remodeling, flowerbed maintenance, retaining wall constructions, water irrigation facilities, construction of interlock driveways, high power wash services and other such services to enhance the beauty of your exterior spaces.

PHD Renovation – Taking Care of All Your Construction Needs

Many a times, property owners who want to build, remodel or refurbish their spaces may not know where to begin. PHD Renovation helps you take that first step by advising a comprehensive plan and generating creative ideas to transform your spaces. We also provide our clients with design plan drafting and 3D rendering services.

You can be rest assured that you have come to the right place!


Choosing PHD Renovation for your construction needs is a wise option because:

  • We have a valuable ten year experience in the field.
  • We prioritize every client and their project.
  • We take into account all of our clients’ inputs.
  • We understand how important quick turnarounds are and therefore complete every project within the          specified time frame.
  • We employ skilled professionals with rich experience to perform the required tasks.
  • Our team members and crew are extremely reliable and trustworthy.
  • We provide all our services at a fair price and give you complete value for money.
  • The outcome of our work is always remarkable

PHD Renovation welcomes every opportunity to serve you!

For All Your Interior Renovation Needs

Hardwood floors….French windows…..stone brick walls…….ivory panels……rosy walls……glass doors…..rose wood cabinets……..a wonderful home!

Remodeling your home is always sets an exciting thrill; it gives you something pleasant to look forward too. Everybody appreciates change, especially if that change is for the better. Is it time to revamp your home and give it a whole new look? Or do you wish to change a few details here and there in your home to give it an aesthetic look and improve its functionality?

You may want to install a larger bath tub in your bathroom, or you may want to add an extra room. Maybe it’s time to give your kitchen a whole new look or create your own study to enjoy your personal space. No matter what interior renovation you require, PHD Renovation is here to provide you with comprehensive plans and ideas and take over all your design and renovation work.

Renovating Your Home with PHD Renovation

PHD Renovations understands that interior renovation covers a vast area of work. Additionally, the services that a particular home may need, will largely differ from that of another. Our services, therefore, encompass a wide range of interior renovation jobs, such as:

  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Basement Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Home Remodeling
  • Room Additions
  • Window and Door Installations
  • Flooring and Tiling
  • Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl Installation
  • Painting
  • Fireplace constructions

Renovating Your Residential and Commercial Interiors

PHD Renovation not only undertakes residential interior remodeling, we also provide you with interior remodeling services for your commercial and official spaces. We understand that a functional commercial space with attractive aesthetics can create quite a favourable environment for business growth.

With plus interiors, productivity of your employees and impress your business delegates. Yes, pleasant office interiors can go a long way in assuring business growth.

We provide interior remodeling and construction services for your official spaces such as building a new commercial space, designing its interiors, preparing its layout, painting, adding rooms, cabins and conference halls as well as giving it a modern feel. Let your employees enjoy their work environment so that they give your business their best.

Everybody Deserves Pleasant Interiors

 Your family, your employees, your delegates and yourself, everybody deserves a pleasant interior set up. PHD Renovation provides you with services to fulfill all your interior remodeling needs. We follow the highest standards of professionalism and work ethic to ensure that every client’s project is given top priority and the project is completed in the quickest possible turnaround time. However, we understand that a hasty job is never well done and that is why, we give our 100% attention and commitment to your project.

Every client at PHD Renovation is an esteemed client. Whether your job is big or small, we believe that any construction job is after all a job and we complete it with thorough professionalism.

With PHD Renovation, your interiors will always be marvelous, functional and we promise to surpass your expectation with every project.