Basement Finishing

A basement renovation is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of adding value and space to your home. At PHD Renovation, we can handle all facets of basement finishing from start to finish, including installing drywall and insulation, and updating and installing flooring and lighting solutions.We handle all elements of basement renovations to give you the brand-new basement you’ve always dreamed of.

Common challenges that often occur during a basement renovation include the following:

  • Water and moisture problems
  • Limited natural light
  • Ventilation issues
  • Exposed overhead pipes and inefficient duct-work
  • Low ceiling heights
  • Lack of emergency exits.

The team at PHD Renovation having encountered the above problems and so many more, and we have the skills and expertise to solve every problem as it arises.

We use industry standard moisture resistant products and materials when working with walls, floors, and ceilings to ensure that our work can withstand even the harshest basement environments.It is our aim to provide all of our customers with attractive, low maintenance, long lasting basements that will add value to any home.

Basements are a wonderfully versatile area of any home, and – with the right knowledge and expertise – can be transformed into a workable space that suits your family’s needs.When we work on a basement remodeling project, we begin by ensuring that the existing waterproofing system is adequate and able to withstand potential future moisture issues.From there, our experienced staff identify and work through every basement remodeling obstacle, including difficult layouts, boxing out ducts, insufficient insulation, new installations of walls and ceilings, electrical and plumbing installations, checking and improving heating and ventilation, de-humidification, updating or installing stairs and landings to maximize your space, and so much more.No matter the challenges that exist in your current basement layout, we have the skills and expertise to solve every problem.

Not sure what you should do with the extra space you will gain from a basement remodel?Here are some of the purpose-built basements we’ve created for some of our happy clients.

Extra Bedroom

Would an extra bedroom come in handy for your teenager, college student, or visitors?Basement bedrooms can be quiet and private and are usually simple to heat or cool as necessary.A basement bedroom is an inexpensive way of adding one more bedroom to your house.

Basement Apartment

Times are tough, and many families could benefit from a little extra income.If you have a larger basement area of at least 250 square feet, we can help you create a studio apartment that can be rented out.The larger your basement, the more amenities that can be installed in a basement apartment including a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and full bathroom.We can work with you to design the best layout options to suit your space, helping you to maximize the rental income you could earn from a basement apartment.

Kids Play Area

If you’re tired of tripping over toys and video games in your living areas, a comfortable, private play area in your basement would give the kids a place to escape to while providing plenty of extra space to set up video game console, model trains, or whatever interests your children have from time to time.

Home Theatre

A home theatre can enhance the viewing and listening experience of your favorite movie or TV show and, with the right setup, can make you feel as if you’re watching the big screen at a cinema.With cable TV and streaming services like Netflix cheaper and more accessible all the time, home theatres are quickly becoming one of the most popular basement remodeling options.

Man Cave

If there’s a man in your house who would love a place to watch sports or play cards with his friends, a man cave in the basement could be the perfect solution.You’ll find there’s plenty of room to fit out your newly remodeled basement with everything a man cave needs, from a comfy couch to a well-stocked fridge.

Basement Bar

A basement bar is a unique and enjoyable way to entertain friends in your own home.If your basement is on ground level, we can create a walkout feature to add a beer garden or even a hot tub to your bar experience.All you’ll need is a well-stocked fridge, plenty of snacks, and a pool table or dartboard and you’ll never have to visit your local pub again.

Hobbies and Crafts Area

Hobbies and crafts can be difficult to find a home for, with many projects taking several weeks to complete.The last thing a dedicated crafter wants to do is to pack away their woodworking or scrap-booking project every time someone else needs the space.This makes a hobbies and crafts area in your basement the ideal solution for the dedicated hobbyist.Whether you’re into model planes, sewing, jewelry making, scrap-booking, or anything else, a hobbies and crafts area in your basement can provide the space you need to work and store your supplies without taking up valuable space in your home.

Laundry Room

If your home doesn’t have a sufficient laundry area, creating one in your basement can be the perfect solution.We can install shelving, a utility sink, plenty of good lighting, and sufficient heating and de-humidification to give you all the room you need for ironing, folding, and laundry sorting.

Extra Bathroom

If every morning in your home includes a bathroom rush hour, take the stress out of everyone’s day by installing an extra bathroom in your basement.We can install a sink, toilet, walk-in shower, and even a bath tub with new lights and the perfect climate control options.Just think how much nicer your mornings will be if you’re not constantly racing other people for use of the bathroom.