From renovations to installation and refinishing services, PHD Renovation knows all there is to know about stairs.We pride ourselves on our top-class workmanship and our industry quality standards and can help you bring your stair designs and ideas to life.From simple and useful stairs to the simply spectacular, we will create the design of your staircase and railings from any premium grade hardwood species like pine, ash, maple, or red oak.Red oak remains the most commonly chosen material used in staircase construction due to its durability and cost effectiveness.

Our stair services include:

  • Old staircase demolition
  • Old staircase refinishing
  • Removal and replacement of old posts and pickets
  • Staining and finishing previously unfinished stairs
  • Refinishing old risers and stringers
  • New staircase installation.

New Staircase Installation

Whether you’re picturing a straight or spiral staircase, we can create it for you.Our custom staircase installations and renovations strictly adhere to local building codes, with all of our new staircases constructed with the care and precision such a project deserves.

Stair Renovation

It is so often the case that a beautiful existing staircase is hidden away beneath cold or outdated carpet.In this instance, we can cap your existing stairs with new oak or maple treads and install a new railing.

Stair and Railing Modifications

What if your existing stairs are imperfect?The good news is we can fix the problem and modify your existing stairs and railing so that they perfectly suit your needs.With an enormous variety of rods, pickets, posts, balusters, and rails to choose from, we can create any design you can envisage.We specialize in curved and other unique staircase designs, but can equally create basement stairs, winder stairs, L-shaped stairs, and perfect quality straight stairs.Our well-earned reputation for top-class customer service and the highest quality materials sees many of our old clients referring their family and friends to us for railing and stair modifications.

Stair Refinishing

If your old staircase is beginning to show its age, it’s time to refinish your stairs to make them look brand-new again.The stair refinishing process is fast, clean, and offers perfect results every time.Simply by refinishing and sanding your old stairs, we can restore their former beauty and make them look brand-new again.For best results, stairs should be re-sanded and refinished at least every five to eight years.Properly refinishing wood stairs requires meticulous work, but the results are truly beautiful to behold.

Structural Modifications

It is an unfortunate truth that builders sometimes take shortcuts, but at PHD Renovation, we never do.If you’re not happy with the way your home has been constructed, we can make all the structural modifications you need to make it right.

Stair Repairs

Are your stairs scratched, cracked, or otherwise in need of repair?No matter how minor the repairs are, we can handle the task.Nothing can get on your nerves more than an innocent little scratch, so give us a call and we can fix any annoying little stair repair with no fuss.

We only ever use non-toxic, low odour stains and lacquers for our stair repairs, and we give you the choice of any colour you like, or you can leave the decision to our best judgement.